Council + Committees

Policy Council

  • Mark Winchester, Chair, Small Business Administration
  • Vacant, Vice Chair, Formerly ICE
  • Ben Banipal, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Gloria Gibson White, Internal Revenue Service
  • Gregory Motl, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Juan Sanchez, Transportation Security Administration
  • Robin Mallett, Department of Labor
  • Rayford Irvin, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Timothy Jeffcoat, Small Business Administration
  • Nyamusi Igambi, U.S. Department Of Commerce
  • Ed Pringle, Housing and Urban Development
  • James Thibeaux, Federal Protective Service
  • Vacant, Formerly Social Security Administration
  • Vacant, Formerly Small Business Administration

Houston FEB Leadership Team

  • Bob Musgrove, Executive Director, National Aeronautics & Space Administration
  • Julius Keys, Assistant Executive Director, Defense Contract Management Agency
  • Vacant, Executive Assistant

HFEB Committees

  • Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety and Security, James Thibeaux, FPS
  • Workforce Development and Support, Juan Sanchez, TSA
  • Strategic Partnerships, Vacant