Mediator’s Toolkit

This part of the Houston Federal Executive Board’s (FEB’s) website is dedicated to the public servants who have trained and continue to dedicate themselves to a collateral duty of mediation in the federal workplace.

As the Houston FEBs program has matured from its beginning in 1997, we continue to learn new things and find new resources to assist the people who make up this valuable interagency resource. In an effort to provide helpful resources for the people who make this program work, this portion of the website offers background documents, laws, regulations and management directives.

Note to Houston FEB Shared Neutrals: Please notify the FEB Office if you find additional documents that would be useful additions to this sight. We will be happy to add them for your peers. YOU are the reason federal employees, managers, and EEOC use this program; as with any program, people are the key to its success!

Resources for Agencies:

Use of this interagency mediation program is available to federal agencies in Houston at no cost (if no travel is involved). To access the services, utilize the Mediator Request form.

Resources for Mediators:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (ADRA) (pdf) | 29CFR 1614 (pdf) | MD-110 | MD-715 (coming soon)

Shared Neutrals’ Forms

Agreement to Mediate | Customer Survey | Mediator Feedback Form (coming soon)

Final Reporting:

Generic Settlement Agreement | “No Settlement” Form (coming soon)

EEOC Forms for Shared Neutrals mediating EEOC cases

(all links lead to a pdf file for easy printing):

Mediator Agreement | Confidentiality Agreement Agreement to Mediate

Settlement (coming soon) | Request For Withdrawal