Shared Neutrals Program

The “Shared Neutrals” Program was developed in response to a goal of the Houston Federal Executive Board to “reduce costs and improve efficiency” for its members. Below is information on how we began this effort.

The “Shared Neutrals” Program is a project to provide mediation as an alternative to resolve disputes in the federal workplace. The shared resources of the Houston federal community form this program comprised of forty-four mediators from thirteen federal agencies in five different geographic areas of the state. This is to ensure that mediators may be assigned to agencies (other than their own) to emphasize the mediator’s neutrality. The vision is to resolve disputes at the earliest possible date to increase the quality of communication within the workforce, resulting in maintaining a productive work environment and reducing the cost and time involved with formal processes. Federal employees in Houston may request these services by completing a one-page form and submitting to the FEB Office.