Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety and Security

The Houston FEB contributes to emergency preparedness of our Federal communities by serving as the hub for information and coordination; facilitates planning and coordination among Federal agencies; and assures community awareness by providing timely and accurate communication of emergency information.

The highest priority for the Houston FEB is to prepare for major emergency events such as natural disasters and potential attacks on the community and federal facilities. The value of having a strong communication network was demonstrated during Hurricane Harvey and received overwhelming positive feedback for the communication network that was well established. The Houston FEB will continue to focus heavily in this area.

The Action Plan for Emergency Prepardness, Employee Safety, and Security is:

  • Establish an Emergency Planning Committee
  • Conduct an annual Table Top Exercise—Chaired by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Focus on three distinct time periods: Pre-Event (Contingency), Event (Real Time), and Post-Event (Recovery)
  • Establish and evaluate communication processes
  • Benchmark with other FEBs for best practices in communication strategies