The Houston FEB Policy Council met to establish a 5-year strategic plan to promote the continuity of current accomplishments while seeking to build a stronger Houston federal community over the next 5 years.

It’s organized by three lines of business:

Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety and Security

The Houston FEB contributes to emergency preparedness of our Federal communities by serving as the hub for information and coordination; facilitates planning and coordination among Federal agencies; and assures community awareness by providing timely and accurate communication of emergency information

WorkForce Development Support

The Houston FEB offers a Leadership program comprised of aspiring federal leaders across government; offers specific training opportunities and learning experiences; and provides cost-effective services to resolve disputes and preserve working relationships through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs.

Strategic Partnerships

Houston FEB members serve as Federal Ambassadors for the Combined Federal Campaign, and promote community service by Federal employees. They improve communications among Federal agencies within our FEB and strive for greater interagency collaboration to improve the effectiveness of government operations.