The two focus areas for developing and enhancing Strategic Partnerships are FEB Networking and Strategic Recruiting

Strategic Partnerships

Houston FEB members serve as Federal Ambassadors for the Combined Federal Campaign, and promote community service by Federal employees. They improve communications among Federal agencies within our FEB and strive for greater interagency collaboration to improve the effectiveness of government operations.

It is essential to establish relationships and networks across the Houston governmental agencies. The strength of the Houston FEB depends greatly on this networking which ultimately benefits the entire Houston community. The 5-year plan will double the Policy Council members and annually deliver two speaker events for the entire FEB membership.

The Action Plan for FEB Networking includes:

  • Develop and maintain an informational welcome packet and marketing materials to introduce new agency leaders to the Federal Executive Board
  • Improve Website, increase Facebook exposure, and add Twitter activities to increase Houston FEB awareness with all strategic partners
  • Network with the participants of the FEB Leadership Program to demonstrate benefits of FEB engagement
  • Identify key stakeholders who are missing from the Council


The Action Plan for Strategic Recruiting includes:

  • Market FEB membership benefits and services to new and member agencies.
  • Create sub-committee to recruit
  • Brief new agency leaders on the FEB as a resource for interagency communication, collaboration, and coordination
  • Make member courtesy calls
  • Update mailing and contact information for local Federal agencies executives
  • Create and maintain contact information database for State and Local agencies leaders
  • Update and Revise Capability Statement
  • Contact the V.A. concerning the Non-Paid Work Experience (NWPE) program with the intent of recruiting an Administrative Assistant for the FEB
  • Recruit Speakers
  • Recruit next round of incoming officers