The three areas of focus are Training, Leadership Academy, and Public Service Recognition

Training: Each year the Houston FEB will discuss and determine relevant training to be offered throughout the year.

The Action Plan for Training is: To develop a needs assessment (e.g. survey or select interviews) every two years with Agency leaders. Additionally, the Houston FEB will hold 1-2 training opportunities per quarter on relevant topics.

Leadership Academy: This program is designed specifically for aspiring leaders and managers within the Houston federal sector and will include onsite visits to 6-8 federal agencies and their leaders. The participants will interact with their colleagues from other federal agencies, exchange ideas, and explore the unique challenges each Agency experiences. The participants are expected to read assigned readings in preparation for each Agency visit. The Agency leader will brief the participants on their top challenges and share their leadership journeys. The class is growing! In 2018, Houston FEB had 9 leaders who completed the program. In 2019, the participants grew to 17 across 8 Agencies! Our 5-year goal is to reach a class of 25 participants.

WorkForce Development Support

The Houston FEB offers a Leadership program comprised of aspiring federal leaders across government; offers specific training opportunities and learning experiences; and provides cost-effective services to resolve disputes and preserve working relationships through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs.

Public Service Recognition/Awards Program: Each year the Houston FEB will organize an Awards Program event during Public Service Recognition Week to recognize excellence in federal government. A committee will be assigned each year to plan all aspects of the event. The committee should be assigned 6-months in advance to development the awards call to agencies, evaluate candidates, and prepare for the event. The 5-year goal is to reach 100 nominations for the event. In 2019, the Houston FEB received 44 nominations covering 8 award categories.

The Action Plan for Public Service Recognition/Awards Program is:

  1. Recruit Alumni – HFEB Award Winners & Leadership Development Alumni Recruit previous HFEB Award Winners & Leadership Development Alumni to participate in HFEB Award Committees. This gives them an opportunity to pay it forward. Awards Selection Committee, Program Committee, and Refreshment and Logistics Committee.
  2. HFEB Cup – By recognizing the agency with the greatest number of nominations it provides all agencies to compete for the award and recognition.
  3. Offer “How to” or “Best Practice” for a “Winning Nominations Webinar” – By offering training on how to follow the critical elements in a nomination, HFEB Awards Selection Committee will receive more quality nominations.
  4. Consider having “Nominators” introduce Award Winners – This way you recognize both the nominator and Award Recipient providing more nominations.
  5. Recruit Media – Enlist a HFEB Public Affairs Specialist or Public Information Officer to support HFEB Awards by writing about community impact achieved through “story.”
  6. Utilize Social Media – Utilize various social media to update HFEB agencies and federal employees regarding HFEB Awards.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:  For more information, please contact Julius Keys at